Pic: sunflowerWinter Views in 30 hours

  Winter in Provence Sharp, mystical and enlightening!  


A time to create, reflect and explore new territories. 

A time to discover that nature hasn't gone to sleep just showing us another face

A time to explore in quite peacefulness.




After the lingering effects of summer have brushed over us in September and October: November, December and January presents us with a blazing spectacle  of a new palette of colours (colors). 

In this period you will find crisp bright peaceful days were the sun regularly shines. You can also have snow, rain, mists and super hot midday's when you can picnic outside.

Here are views from just one 30 hour period between sunrise on the 31st December and Midday on the 1st January

What a spectacle to bring in the New Year!

All the shots are taken within 5 minutes walk from the house!


Photo Rod Cook Dec 31st

Awaken to natures spectacle



Photo Rod Cook Dec 31st

Ganogobie greets the new day!



Photo Rod Cook Dec 31st

Snow, Rain, Wind, Heat Waves La Colle has been here for over 300 years 



Photo Rod Cook Dec 31st

A new look at lavender fields.



Photo Rod Cook Dec 31st

The wood pile seeps it's colours (colors)



Photo Rod Cook Nov

The mountain of Lur opposite.


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