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  Lurs a IX° village of 320 inhabitants  




Historians tell us that Lurs was founded by Charlemagne at the beginning of the IX° century, perched on a hilltop of 628 m it has a commanding view of the scenic Provencal surroundings; olive trees pepper the hillsides, farmers layout their land with the multitude of seasonal products ripening for the markets yet at the same time sculpturing the landscape into a magnificent spectacle.

Pic: hay field near Lurs

The Bishops of Sisteron built their summer houses here, this explains the richness of the architecture and the quietness of the maze of little streets which amble through the village. The château occupied for centuries by the Princes of Sisteron dominates the top of the village.

Pic: For centures the symbol of the village

Lurs is one of the best completely restored villages in Haute Provence, now occupied by artists and sculptures it is a serene setting. The Marie (town council) has wisely kept commercialism out, therefore unlike other historic spots you will not find the village overflowing with tourist traps. There are two restaurants, one hotel and some provision stores. For your more complete shopping you should visit Forcalquier which is 12 kms .

Because of its mainly artistic population Lurs has a great cultural base, the open air amphitheatre often presents, small plays, concerts and open air theatre. This coupled with the annual International Graphics Arts Encounter held at the end of August makes for a changing scene.

Theatre in Lurs

The chapel which is on the "Promenade des Evêques" is well worth seeing in those hours just before sunset as the suns rays turn the setting into a golden yellow. The full walk on the promenade takes you around the hill top, the views are spectacular.

The chapel on the Promenade des Evêques
All in all Lurs is well worth a visit even if you are just passing through.

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