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A little Country Hamlet To express in words, the beauty of our little haven in the countryside is no small task, until you can experience it for yourself only then, will you know the pleasures it can bring. 

Tucked away on a small hillside is our little hamlet of La Colle with its three principal properties. You will not find here; traffic jams, noises of the city , pollution, parking tickets or a grey sky. Instead you will find nature in all its glories and will, more than likely, be awaken by the birds and the bees rather than the busy cry of the city. 

La Colle itself is a hamlet constructed several hundred years ago, completely built of natural stone, and is a good example of the ancient life and times of Provence. 

Pic: The Pigeonee at La Colle

Within five minutes walk in any direction you are presented by the splendor of nature, prairie, forest, lavender fields, scrub; the extent of natural plants and wild life is quite astounding. Here you can see and explore the bounties of living close to nature, you can taste and smell it, wonder at its beauty; even the storms are spectacular ! 

Pic: In Provence many differnt types of flowers grow wild.

Our property alone has 30 hectares of private park land, yet this is small compared to the adjoining natural space, some of which is cultivated and some left just as it has been for centuries. 

La Colle sits on the east face of a small hill ( Altitude 633 m) and has a dominant view of the surrounding countryside. 

Pic: Five minutes walk

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Galileo La Colle for 4/5 (unavailable) | Main House La Colle for 4/8 (Availabale)